Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf dropped last year, but that's not stopping Game from releasing a new LP less than a year later. The rapper is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of his debut album, The Documentary, by dropping a follow-up, The Documentary 2arriving this summerHe stopped by Power 106 Los Angeles' The Cruz Show to talk more about the project and which artists fans can expect to hear.

"I'm at 90 percent," he told J Cruz. "I'm just waiting for [Dr.] Dre to get back from his vacation or his yacht."

And it's not only Dre participating in the album. Game has also reunited with all of the collaborators he had on original The Documentary. "You can expect Kanye [West], Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Just Blaze, Scott Storch," he said, emphasizing how hard it is to get Storch as producer. "You know, rare. Scott Storch. [And] Dre when he come back next week. Then we gonna wrap up."

When asked how long he spent with Kanye in the studio, Game revealed that he was able to get "a good solid week out of ‘Ye if you have history.”

While he was on the show to promote the record and premiere "The Soundtrack," his collaboration with Meek Mill, the conversation also touched on fatherhood, which he said is a blessing. "I've always been a father first, man, as I should be" he admitted. "As anybody should be, if you got kids, it starts there. I mean even if, you know you don't have to be a millionaire to do your thing for you kids, man. And I promise you, if you take care of your kids man, you get blessings, man."

Cruz was touched by the sentiments and revealed that he is trying to have a child with his fiancee and asked Game's advice. The Compton rapper made the radio jock promise to give his child the middle name "Game," "You know what you do? You keep it in after you bust, man. You lay there. Like 10 minutes. Let it marinate it, man. It's like corn and tamales, you gotta let it sit there."

Watch Game get personal above.

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