Like many artists, Game is very grateful for his fans. And to show his appreciation, the Compton rapper devised a contest to let the public design the cover for his upcoming album, 'Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf.' Now he unveils the winning artwork.

After tons of entries, he chose the work of Ruben WestSide Ramos, otherwise known as @xoramos661 on Instagram. For the cover, Ramos drew a wolf with Game's facial tattoo on its cheek bowing down to a little girl who resembles Game's daughter.

In a detailed explanation, Game revealed why he went with this particular design. "In the end it was the concept (the world sees me as a big bad wolf but to my daughter @littlemisscali I'm just dad & her every wish in life is my command), simplicity & white background & Documentary style font had me sold," he wrote in the caption of the Instagram photo showcasing the album cover.

Ecstatic over being chosen, Ramos not only thanked the rapper for selecting his design but also revealed how it was created in a photo montage on his Instagram account.

With so many entries that came in, Game decided to pick another artist whose piece will appear on the physical disc. "I figured I'd allow another one of my fans win the actual CD artwork placement so I'm proud to announce this am that @luxurydesignstudio will take that spot," he wrote.

While he's happy about his decisions for the album design, he understands that not everyone will be pleased about the choices he made and addressed them accordingly. " I understand that the world has to have haters for the REAL PEOPLE to excel in life," Game wrote.

Now that 'Year of the Wolf' is all squared away, Game has invited fans to give designing another go with a contest to create the art for his next LP, 'The Documentary 2.'

"Now that this contest has concluded, I started "The Documentary 2" cover design contest & also provided you guys with the blueprint & a blank canvas to get started. You have til Dec 24th to submit all entries & the winner will be announced Jan 2nd 2015. Good luck & again, I thank every last one of my fans for taking the time & putting forth effort in these two contest," he stated on Instagram.

'Year of the Wolf' releases on Oct. 14 while 'The Documentary 2' drops on Jan. 18.