While Game generally uses his Twitter account to attempt to reunite G-Unit and take shots at rivals, today he hopped on the social networking site with a much more serious intention, entreating fans to pray for his ailing daughter.

The Compton rapper revealed that his 3-month-old daughter Cali Dream Taylor underwent surgery today, begging fans via Twitter for their thoughts and prayers. "My daughter has surgery today. If you find time send a prayer up for me on her behalf. THANK YOU in advance," Game wrote. "Cali Dream Taylor: Daddy Loves u & is with u as u take this short journey under Gods watch. He will c it through so we can rejoice tomorrow."

While Game did not reveal the reason for his daughter's procedure, he did say that her condition had considerably worsened, causing her surgery to be bumped up to today. "She's only 3 months old so it's extra HARD to fathom but through God's strife she is already healed, still I pray that all goes as planned," Game wrote. "She was supposed to have the surgery when I got home but the condition worsened and it had to be moved up, It's KILLIN ME that I'm not there."

Game has not updated his account for the past three hours, but his last tweet revealed that the surgery was underway. "Her mother just informed me that she just went in, so prayerfully it will be a short successful process. THANK EVERYONE who sends her LOVE." We hope Cali gets better soon.

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