Game took somewhat of a break from his tough guy stance during his appearance on 'The Arsenio Hall Show.' This was because his daughter was one of the main topics of the interview.

His baby girl Cali has steadily become one of the stars of VH1's 'Marrying the Game,' a reality show focused around the relationship of the rapper and his fiancee, Tiffney Cambridge. "Everyone loves Cali," Hall said. But not as much as Game.

“She means more to me than life itself. When I look into her eyes, that’s all I need to do to get me going. I’m motivated," the MC states. He cut himself off because he said he cries if he talks about her for more than 30 seconds.

The moment gets even more adorable when Hall decides to bring Cali onstage.

"Cali, tell Arsenio something nice," Game urges.

"I love you," she responds. Easily one of the highlights during this 'Arsenio' comeback run.

The 'Jesus Piece' creator also got down to business, discussing his charity -- including when he joined forces with Drake to donate $22,000 to to an Ohio family to pay for the funeral of a family member who was shot -- and his latest beef, which is with a Trader Joe employee who dented his car with carts.

Watch Game Discuss His Latest Feud 

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