They're one of the most influential groups of the past decade and an integral part of 50 Cent's plan to take the rap game by storm. Now G-Unit -- the supergroup comprised of 50, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and now New Orleans native Kidd Kidd -- is back with a 2014 EP ('The Beauty of Independence') that's just the opening salvo in a campaign to take back their spot as hip-hop's hardest crew.

We already know that the Unit has collectively sold millions of records, gone toe-to-toe with some of rap's biggest names and has put past internal rifts behind them -- but what else do we know about the collective? If Wikipedia is your source for these soldiers' dossiers then you might be a little misinformed. To make sure the record's been set straight, we sat down with the Unit, sans 50, to go through their respective pages to separate the real from the fake in this latest episode of Wikipedia Fact or Fiction.

In part one, we talk to G-Unit's founding members Yayo and Banks about Yayo's Caribbean ancestry and Blue Hefner's infamous threesome turned album leak.

Be on the lookout for part two of our talk with the Unit coming soon.

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