After appearing at a Drake vs. Lil Wayne concert, G-Unit strike again with 'Ahhh S---' (no relation to The Pharcyde's 'Oh S---').

Instead of the typical mean-muggin', G-Unit decide to take the socially aware route and address the situation over in Ferguson, Mo. Young Buck, who's been G-Unit's shooter for his summer verses, captures the anti-law enforcement tension with controlled anger and a terse series of mantras. “Ever since Mike Brown went down / My whole city like, 'F-- a cop,'” Young Buck says. It's an instance where the lead verse is the most memorable.

This topic isn't too far out of G-Unit's parameters; the crew has been anti-cop and anti-snitches for a while.

G-Unit is preparing to release a mixtape and an album later this year, but there hasn't been much news following the initial announcements. The release date is still up in the air like a few other anticipated rap releases -- like Kanye West and French Montana's albums.

Listen to G-Unit's 'Ahhh S---'