G-Unit, the NYC-based crew led by 50 Cent and still featuring Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, just dropped their first big posse track of 2010. Once ubiquitous with summertime, the group's various members have been focusing on solo careers in recent years before yesterday's premiere of 'Where the Dope At?'

The track features a by-the-numbers G-Unit mixtape beat. A synthesized organ keeps the rhythm over indistinct airy drums. 50 Cent handles the hook like it was 2004, boasting about making money, selling dope and how everyone respects his role on the streets. Curtis also handles the first verse with a lackadaisical, double-time flow similar to past tracks such as 'Crime Wave' or 'Psycho' from last year's 'Before I Self Destruct.' Banks follows with a rapidfire approach, while Yayo closes things out with some predictable bragging.

'Where the Dope At?' is presumably the first of many tracks from G-Unit that will flood the market this summer. Banks is still hot from his 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley' single and 50 Cent is currently in the midst of 'The Invitation Tour' -- a multi-city trek that's hitting theaters across the United States.

You can stream or download the track from This Is 50.

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