Rapper Future, known most notably for his 2011 hit "Tony Montana," is prepping the release of his debut LP Pluto, due April 17. Before his album hits the masses, the southern spitter delivers an offering from the project. The track, an R. Kelly-assisted ditty titled "Parachute," churns out some Middle Eastern sounds as Future serves heavily saturated Auto-Tuned vocals and Kellz puts forth sexually charged lyrics.

"I'm the shit, y'all n----s just smell 'round here/ Got them chicks flippin' for me/ Best friends kissing for me/ A, Magic City in the backroom stripping for me/ Your man is like Nextel, soon gone," R. Kelly sings.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, I'm 'bout to blast off/ Space rocket, we outta here/ You compliment my mojo/ You strokin' on my ego," Future raps.

Listen to Future's "Parachute" Feat. R. Kelly

Check out the Pluto tracklisting below.

1. "The Future Is Now" feat. Big Rube

2. "Parachute" feat. R. Kelly

3. "Straight Up"

4. "Astronaut Chick"

5. "Magic (Remix)" feat. T.I.

6. "I'm Trippin'" feat. Juicy J

7. "Truth Gonna Hurt You"

8. "Neva End"

9. "Tony Montana" feat. Drake

10. "Permanent Scar"

11. "Same Damn Time"

12. "Long Live the Pimp" feat. Trae Tha Truth

13. "Homicide" feat. Snoop Dogg

14. "Turn on the Lights"

15. "You Deserve It"

Watch Future's "Same Damn Time" Video