OG Maco, one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, is voicing his concern with the state or rap music. The Atlanta rhymer chose to use Twitter -- as he so often does -- as his sounding board to criticize today’s rap music and discuss how Future is possibly destroying kids’ lives with his druggy rhymes.

The "U Guessed It" rhymer started off his commentary on rap with this tweet: "Rap about drugs and call girls hoes and wear supreme and bape and you'll make it." He then referenced Future as one rapper who boasts about taking drugs openly on songs. "I love Future but I also understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict. 56 Xans isn't cool," he wrote. "You all fail to realize how slight the chances are that you will become anything worthwhile with the mindset that group weakness is strength."

However, we must stress that Maco insists that he's a fan of Future's music and his rant wasn't a personal attack on him.. "Only f--- n----s take valid points and skew it into hate. Future is one of my favorite artists of all time Regardless," he tweeted.

The XXL 2015 Freshman Class artist, who is set to drop his debut album, Children of the Rage, later this year, also revealed that his song "U Guessed It" was calculatedly made to blow up. "'U Guessed It' was not luck. It wasn't a accident. I made the dumbest song I possibly could on a beat full of bass and knew it would blow," he continued.

Read OG Maco's Twitter below and tell us what you think of his thoughts on Future and drug rap. Is he right or is he wrong?

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