When Beyonce released her ubiquitous anthem 'Drunk in Love,' many wonder if she stole Future’s track 'Good Morning,' which eerily sounds the same. On the 'Wendy Williams Show,' the soon-to-be dad addressed the confusion surrounding the two songs.

Apparently, Future demoed the Detail-produced hit for Beyonce and recorded another version for his album, 'Honest.'

"I guess [Beyonce] had done the record and she was saving the record," he explained. "I had did another version, ‘Good Morning,’ because we didn’t know when she was going to put the album out. Then she put it out [in] December, after I was supposed to put my album out in November, it just pushed my song to the side.”

Future says that 'Good Morning' will not appear on his second album.

“It’s not on the album because toward the first beginning of the song it’s like the same melody,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Astronaut Kid has confirmed that he and his pregnant fiancee, Ciara, are having a boy. This past weekend, the couple held a baby shower with family and friends.

Future says that CiCi is handling all of the wedding details, while he works on his new project.

"The wedding plans are going great. I’ma let [Ciara] handle the wedding," he said. "I’m doing my album. The album’s coming out April 22, so she’s coordinating [the nuptials]. She’s doing a great job at that. I’m just approving everything.”

Later, Future hit the stage to perform renditions of 'Honest' and his new song, 'Move That Dope.'