After news broke of New York City Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee's arrest for lewd sexual conduct with a reported male prostitute, the critics -- including rival radio station Power 105.1 -- have sounded off on the incident without restraint. But, while Twitter serves as a platform for its users to voice their opinions, a page created in Mister Cee's name and firing back at critics appears to be a fake.

According to the phony Twitter page, the rumors are false. "Time to clear my name NY .. Stand Up Brooklyn they shootin ( Haters ) this is my city you can't hurt me lets gooooooooo," a post read on Monday (April 4).

The page has yet to be verified and people in the hip-hop community are skeptical of its authenticity, including Power 105.1 personality DJ Envy. "I Just spoke 2 Mister Cee on the phone,,,He doesn't have a twitter...its a fake twitter its a dead issue," Envy revealed. However, DJ Funkmaster Flex has been re-tweeting posts.

During Power 105.1's 'Breakfast Club' morning show on Monday, Envy and co-hosts Charlamagne tha God and Angela Yee had a few jokes at Mister Cee's expense, naming him the "Donkey of the Day" for his actions. "We live in an age of transparency, only God can judge you, just be who you are," Charlamagne urged, implying that Cee is a closeted homosexual.

As a result of those remarks, Funkmaster Flex, who avidly supports his co-worker Mister Cee, lashed out on his Hot 97 radio show Monday evening. "I will lose a friendship today, I know everything that goes on in that building!" Flex warned, speaking of Power 105.

"I know everything that moves in that building, I know what people like and don't like that are on the mic and off the mic and you all y'all over there know exactly what I'm talking about," he continued. "I will lose a friendship because I stand next to this logo!!!"

Cee, 44, was busted by the NYPD last week for reportedly engaging in a sexual act with a 20-year-old associate who has not been identified. Although he has yet to release a non-Twitter statement on the matter, Funkmaster Flex is standing behind Cee blasting the story as a fraud.

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