French Montana has been dropping tracks left and right over the past few weeks, and it looks like he's not slowing down anytime soon. The New York rapper has gathered some of of the city's great hip-hop talents for his new song 'Megadeth.'

With Swizz Beatz handling production, French brings together the spitting talents of fellow Bronx local Remy Ma and Yonkers' own Jadakiss. Melodically, the track is a bit chaotic, featuring a slow and steady bass beat as the foundation while various other sound effects come into play. The beat is as frenetic as the Big Apple can be.

While the guys hold it down on the mic, it's Remy's shining moment, especially since we haven't heard rhymes from her in so long. While she's staying true to her crew, her sharp tongue slashes at all the haters and anyone who thinks they can top her skills.

"R-E-M-Y / Stay fresh, think fly / Fully automatic while these other bitches semi / You pop like soda ho I pop like July / These bitches fake truth / When they gonna realize / I'm the uno, single one / You the same old thing," she delivers.

Even with Remy's sick comeback verse, there's one thing that's for sure -- everyone stays loyal to their clique.

"I'm about my s--- / I'm about my clique / No hatin' ass n----s gonna take my s---," each of them say on the hook.

'Megadeath' follows French's recently released songs 'Don't Panic,' 'R&B Bitches' and the remix to Bobby Shmurda's Hot N----.' His new album, 'Mac and Cheese 4,' is due later this year.