Freeway Ricky Ross isn't giving up his legal battle against rapper Rick Ross. After losing his court battle over his namesake's trademark last year, the former drug kingpin has acquired new representation and plans on reviving his case to bring before a California judge on May 2.

The disgruntled figure, who spent more than a decade in prison, explained that with his new legal team of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, he will have a better chance at winning the same lawsuit.

"We always knew our case was stronger in the state than it was in the feds," he explained. "California state law really protects people with their names and their likenesses. So we knew that was stronger inside California than it was in the feds, but we wanted to go the big route first then work our way down."

In 2010, Freeway Ricky Ross lost his case against the rapper, Def Jam Records, Universal Music Group and more in a fight over trademark violations, misappropriation of his publicity rights and unfair competition. The judge decreed that he did not show enough evidence of the spitter's secondary usage.

With Rick Ross' new label, Maybach Music, calling home at Warner Music Group, Freeway explained that he would go after them as well if they put out any releases with his name on them. "I'll slap a lawsuit on them as well," he continued. "They better not put my name on his product or I'mma be after them, too. I ain't scared of none of them."

Watch Rick Ross' 'B.M.F.'
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