Social unrest has spread across the nation after the news of Freddie Gray's death while in police custody in Baltimore, Md. began dominating headlines. His passing is the latest instance in which police officers were believed to have been involved in the murder of an unarmed minority.

The first steps toward justice being served took place Friday (May 1), when Grey's death was ruled a homicide and Baltimore prosecutors charged the six officers involved with manslaughter, CNN reports.

On April 12, Gray was arrested after fleeing from police. Once in handcuffs, he was placed in a police van, where it was ultimately determined by medical examiners that he suffered "a severe and critical neck injury" while on the floor of the vehicle. When word of Gray's death spread across the nation and social media, many were outraged and appalled, calling for justice to be brought against all parties involved.

After a week of uncertainty, Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby seemed to agree with the public, resulting in her decision to lay down the hammer and send a message to law enforcement.

The charges against the officers came as a big relief to many after peaceful protests in Baltimore turned into riots that eventually spread to other parts of the country throughout the past week. The hip-hop and R&B community also showed their approval of the prosecutor's decision, sharing their feelings on social media and other platforms to give their take on the announcement.

Check out reactions from Talib Kweli, Kelly Rowland, Bun B and more below.

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