Frank Ocean gave fans a sweet gift on his blonded Radio program on Friday night (April 7). The reclusive R&B artist premiered the full version of “Biking” featuring Jay Z and Tyler the Creator.

Prior to releasing the song, Ocean premiered a snippet of it in a trailer that can be viewed on his official website.

Over acoustic guitars and a thumping beat, Frank, Hov and Tyler relay metaphoric lines related to riding a bike. Jay kicks things off with his verse about the 12 O’Clock Boys - Baltimore’s infamous dirt bike crew - and other bike metaphors.

"Life goes in cycles, what comes around goes around / So before it goes down, n----, get you some icicles," he spits, adding, "12 o'clock, boy, silly nice, huh / Wheelie in traffic, I’m Philly nice, uh / E.T. on the handles, uh / Handlebars like a Xanax."

Ocean continues the theme as he refers to biking as his spiritual outlet. "God gave you what you can handle / Gave you what you can handle / I got the grip like the handle / And I’m bikin' / I’m bikin' with me and my Daniel," he sings.

Tyler closes out the track as he raps about riding his favorite bike he calls Slater. "I'm Roger Rabbit in the air, I don't care, Big Willie Style, yeah / N---- one wheel, one wheel, one wheel / N---- one wheel, I fishtail downhill, yeah / I rose my rate, brand new brakes / Why I name it Slater? Ask my date," he raps.

Overall, the song brings Ocean, Jay and Tyler together in an unlikely paring that resulted in a very unorthodox song. It's going to require repeat listens, nonetheless, but it's still enjoyable.

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