Foxy Brown has vowed to fight charges claiming she violated a court order after an incident with her neighbor resulting in her arrest earlier this year. Brown's lawyers refused to take a plea deal during a hearing at the Brooklyn Supreme Court, Tuesday (Nov. 16), opting to take the case to trial. "We will fight this," said the Brooklyn rapper following the hearing. "This is ridiculous."

Brown, born Inga Marchard, is alleged to have exposed her buttocks to her neighbor, Arlene Raymond, following a shouting match. "She did not moon that woman," her lawyer, Salvatore Starzullo told reporters outside of the hearing. "We want this case dismissed."

In 2007 Raymond filed a restraining order against Brown stemming from an incident in which the rapper hit her with a Blackberry. Although Brown continues to maintain her innocence, the rapper's personal life has not been without legal incident. The 32-year-old served nine months in prison for a probation violation. Just before beginning her sentence she revealed that she was "willing to do whatever" to make a change in her life.

The trial date for her latest case is set for Feb. 7.

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