Foxy Brown is heading back to where it seems she feels most comfortable: in a court room.

The 'Ill Na Na' rhymer, born Inga Marchand, is set to appear in court Tuesday (July 12) for a trial to face charges she violated a court order by mooning her Brooklyn, N.Y. neighbor, Arlene Raymond.

The two initially argued on July 21, 2010, as a result of Brown playing music on her car stereo loudly outside the Brooklyn apartment building they both lived in. When Raymond voiced her opinion over the noise disturbance, the 31-year-old rapper began shouting expletives at her, then bent over and bared her buttocks.

The court order Foxy Brown violated was issued after she plead guilty in 2008 to assaulting Raymond with a cell phone.

Last month, she was reprimanded by a judge after she showed up more than two hours late to court to discuss her forthcoming trial.

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