The law seems to be working in Foxy Brown's favor, just in time for her birthday. The Brooklyn rapper, who turned 32 this week, escaped a trip back to jail for violating a restraining order, after prosecutors dropped all but one charge against her on Tuesday. A New York City grand jury indicted Brown, born Inga Marchand, on one misdemeanor charge for allegedly disregarding a protective order, versus the three felony and four misdemeanor charges she was facing for an altercation with her neighbor.

"I always knew I was innocent. And this is all about jealousy," Brown told reporters while exiting the Brooklyn Supreme Court.

"The DA failed to indict her on all felony counts and three misdemeanors," Brown's lawyer Salvatore Strazzullo added. "They're going after the big fish." But Brown is not out of the woods just yet, she is facing a criminal contempt charge for failing to appear in court. Strazzullo alleges that the District Attorney's office sent his client's appearance notification to the wrong lawyer. As a result the arraignment on the single indictment has been rescheduled for Friday (September 10). The Brooklyn DA's office disputes Strazzullo's claims, stating that the notification was confirmed as received by his office. "When the DA pushes you, you have to push back harder," he said.

In the past several years Brown has become infamous for her explosive temper. In 2007 she was sentenced to a year behind bars for breaching her probation. Earlier this year, she was arrested in the Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn for violating the protective order filed by her neighbor Arlene Raymond. The neighbor alleges that Brown screamed obscenities at her before exposing her buttocks. Despite her past, Brown maintains that she has turned over a new leaf. If convicted she faces community service.