Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown was due in court today, after being charged with a felony count of violating the protective order a neighbor had placed on her in 2007.

However, just moments before her trial, Foxy was allegedly dropped by her lawyers, Bruce Barron Associates.

Foxy's manager denied that his client was dropped by the law firm, saying that instead, Foxy had opted to "go with a high-power attorney" by the name of Salvatore Strazzullo, who defended her in court.

As previously reported, Foxy was arrested on Wednesday, July 21, for allegedly exposing herself and verbally assaulting her neighbor, Arlene Raymond, in Brooklyn. The neighbor had previously filed an order of protection against the rapper, for hitting her in the face with her BlackBerry, back in 2007.

In court today, Judge Geraldine Picket reportedly extended Raymond's order of protection, prohibiting Foxy from contacting or distressing her neighbor further.