There have been whispers of a '90s revival across the music industry, so maybe Foxy Brown is just trying to pitch-in with a new song called 'Let Em Know.' The track is a vintage slice of East Coast aesthetics and takes some pointed jabs at fellow Brooklynites Lil' Kim and Jay-Z.

Of course, the digs at Lil' Kim are not so surprising as it's been Foxy's prerogative for around fifteen years at this point. She gets her criticism in by repeating lines from a 2009 track called 'Off the Muscle' that grilled Kim for being disloyal to Brooklyn and selling out by appearing on 'Dancing With the Stars.' Apparently for Foxy, recycled lines on top of a recycled technique is the current recipe for attention.

"I'd rather be in the club at the bar," she raps. "Then go disrespect my hood by dancing with the stars... I'm BK's Don Diva/ Give the whole hood face lifts/ G'wan I fix your face b----."

Now, the Hov angle is a little stranger on 'Let Em Know'. Foxy has been the focus of sexual affair rumors with everyone from Nas to Rick Ross. For her fans looking for a response to the accusations, Foxy comes back by saying it was really Jay-Z that she was knocking boots with. Dragging the clearly married and most famous rapper alive into the proceedings is always a classy move.

"The streets talking/ Got the hood crazy," she raps. "N---- heard I fucked with Ross and had the n---- baby/ They said I f----- with Nas and now they say it's AZ/ but on the law, the real n---- was Jay-Z." We sort of want a lie detector on this one, but also don't really care enough. Check out the track after the jump.