Foxy Brown just can't seem to stay out of trouble. The Brooklyn rapper, who was arrested earlier this year following an altercation with a neighbor, bailed on a performance at an NYC nightclub last week after showing up four hours late and refusing to take the stage when promoters informed her that they wouldn't pay her fee.

The concert was scheduled to take place at Splash Bar New York on Wednesday night. Promoters had sent a 2009 model SUV, but Foxy refused to hop in the whip since she requested the most recent 2010 edition of the car. After several hours of deliberation, she sucked it up and headed over the club 30 minutes prior to closing, with promoters holding out on paying her the other half of her $1,000 appearance fee due to her diva demands.

"They promised they would give her the rest of the deposit and balance due when she arrived, but did not!" a rep for Foxy told TMZ. "Foxy was disappointed that the deposit and rider requirements were not met, that was all."

The 32-year-old emcee, whose real name is Inga Marchand, recently ducked most charges but received an indictment following her fight with a neighbor who held a protective order against her. She was arrested in July for violating the order.

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