Foxy Brown had a bad travel day and she's taking it out on American Airlines. The veteran rapper is accusing the airline company of swiping her valuables.

On Saturday (May 14), Brown went on her Instagram page and took American Airlines to task after someone from baggage claim stole $100,000 worth of her valuables on camera no less. Apparently, the incident happened last Friday (May 6) before Brown was to appear at a Gay Pride event in California.

The 37-year-old Brooklyn native did alert airport detectives and after week of investigation, there’s still no arrest, much to the chagrin of Brown.

"ATTENTION FAMILY, you know I'm an exceedingly strong woman and have endured what would've flatlined most; but I need to air out a very personal, disturbing VIOLATION (which we plan to address further publicly)," she wrote in Instagram post (read above). "Fans saw my performance at the PALM SPRINGS, CALI GAY PRIDE FESTIVAL last FRIDAY but what you guys didn't know...(trusting the investigative process takes it's course) is that I was ROBBED hours before the show (luggage stolen on videotape) at LAX AIRPORT for over 100K worth of my most valuable, LUXURY possessions at the @AMERICANAIR BAGGAGE CLAIM."

"Airport security was immediately alerted and we've spoken to Detectives, but the THIEF who's on CAMERA FOOTAGE is still on these streets!!! Material things can very well be replaced, but some items are true FOX VINTAGE and we're horrified that a week later we have NO answers," she continued. "We intend to vigorously pursue until JUSTICE is served and my possessions found."

Despite her "FOX VINTAGE" being stolen, Brown is optimistic that the perpetrator will be captured and her valuables returned. The "I'll Be" good rapper left it to God and encouraged her fans to not let bad things in their life pull them down.

We hope that detectives capture the thief and Foxy Brown recovers her valuables.

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