Gangsta BooFormer Three 6 Mafia rapper Gangsta Boo has responded to charges that she was involved in the July robbery of a dollar store in Mississippi.

Boo, born Lola Mitchell, turned herself into authorities on Dec. 8 and was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and released on $100,000 bond. Though the rapper's actual involvement in the robbery has yet to be revealed, she is accused of playing a major role. "I am innocent and all this bulls--- they talkin' about on me is bulls---," she responded, via Twitter. "What innocent person in their right mind won't turn themselves in damn fools ... the media couldn't explain what I did because I wasn't there."

At 5PM today, Boo claims to be releasing a statement which will fully address the charges and allegations made against her. "Remember the system is set up [to] set [you] up," Gangsta Boo tweeted. "Be careful of who you have around you." A man named Marcus Curtis, 28, has also been arrested in connection with the dollar store robbery. Curtis was charged with felony armed robbery, after allegedly forcing a store employee and several customers to lie down at gunpoint, while he robbed the store.

Gangsta Boo is currently working on a new mixtape, clearly related to her recent arrest, entitled 'Rumors 2: The State vs. Lola Mitchell.' It is the sequel to the 'Rumors' mixtape she released with DJ Drama, earlier this year.

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