Stepping away from the concrete jungle they were raised in, the Flatbush Zombies head to a rural setting for the music video to 'Death.'

The trio parade through a forest at night, equipped with lanterns. They ride around on a blue tractor and are fully armed throughout the video with clubs, pistols and chainsaws. What is missing in the video, surprisingly, is any trace of drugs.

Flatbush Zombies are known for the litany of drug references in their rhymes, and 'Death' is no exception, with Meechy Darko saying "Juice laced my spliff up with some PCP and never told me / Passed me a cup of bleach and let me sip on this codeine / Washed it up with OE, now I'm throwed up like OG." And yet, there isn't even a glimpse of marijuana smoke in the video.

'Death' is a song off the Flatbush Zombies' most recent release, 'Better Off Dead.' The mixtape, which dropped suddenly last month, was the group's first release since 'D.R.U.G.S.' came out last summer. Considering the gap between projects, and the group's buzz in the wake of 'Better Off Dead's' release, it is safe to expect more videos off this mixtape in the coming future.

The Zombies are currently on their Better Off Dead tour, hitting Boston's Middle East venue tomorrow (Oct. 10).

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