Since landing on just about everyone's artist-to-watch list last year, including ours, the Flatbush Zombies certainly aren't resting on their heavy buzz, as they've just dropped a video for their 2013 'BetterOffDead' mixtape cut 'Palm Trees,' produced by Erick Arc Elliott.

It appears the visuals were shot on the West Coast, as the camera follows the trio during one of their tours. The Brooklyn, N.Y., natives rhyme onstage and spit in front of beautiful California scenery. The edits chosen by director A Plus Filmz allows the video to move with excitement, and keep the viewer entertained -- even without having a storyline.

Meechy Darko is the first to set things off, and his gruff voice and sing-songy cadence immediately pulls the listener in. He also sends a shout to those rappers who've used the Flatbush Zombies' drug motif as their own.

"It's funny how now rappers be on their druggy s--- / Downloaded my tape sat back and studied s--- / Acid pack a hundred hits / Shroom caps and hash bricks / Trippy like that Destiny's Child chick on 106," spits the Brooklyn rapper.

The director also does a stellar job of capturing the group's image and perceived lifestyle, showing glimpses of liquid marijuana and other substances that rappers don't typically rhyme about. It's clear the Flatbush Zombies are having the time of their lives, and they just released the video to prove it. It'll be interesting to see where their career goes from here, as they remain one of the more inventive new rap groups out today.

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