With streaming and on-demand services making entertainment as accessible as ever, television is currently in the midst of a renaissance of sorts, as there seems to be a new binge-worthy series introduced to the public every time we finish the last. While this current era of television is both convenient and wildly entertaining, there's nothing like catching a blast from the past from tuning into your favorite TV shows from yesteryear.

Like most things during the '90s, television was at its peak, with a number of iconic and groundbreaking shows keeping up captivated on a weekly basis. This era was a particularly memorable for the urban community, as television began to embrace the hip-hop generation, with a number of shows paying homage to the culture, even going as far as casting some of the biggest stars in r&b and rap in prominent roles.

With names like Will Smith, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, Brandy and others all on the tube in primetime, many of these shows would help usher urban culture into the mainstream, resulting in pop culture's longstanding love affair with all things hip-hop.

One aspect that stood out about a number of shows from the '90s were the local establishments that the characters would often hang out at during the show.

The Boombox takes a trip down memory lane and looks back at 11 fictional hangouts from '90s TV shows that we wish were actually real.

11 Fictional Hangouts From '90s TV Shows We Wish Were Real

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