Prince Markie DeeAlmost 25 years after the Fat Boys released their self-titled debut, one of the founding members, Prince Markie Dee has decided to begin a career in wrestling.

The former Fat Boy issued a challenge to retired WWF wrestler the Iron Sheik, after the Sheik make several inflammatory comments on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show. Markie Dee found several of the Sheik's comments, including referring a Stern staff member a "little n-----," offensive enough to challenge the 56-year-old wrestler to back up his words in person ... and in the ring.

"F--- you I am the legend. I am the Hall of Fame," Iron Sheik responded via Twitter. "You like Jake Roberts don't put me over you try to put yourself over. F--- you. You don't respect the legend you never make the money you need to be f----- in the a-- and be humbled you lowlife. You fat no good fat black motherf-----. You don't respect the legend take a f-----' walk you son of a b----. I love the god and Jesus."Respected UFC fighter Frank Trigg has reportedly offered to train Markie Dee for the fight, and several other entertainment personalities have expressed interest in sponsoring or hosting the event, including Hugh Hefner and Marvel Comics editor Ryan Penagos.

Although the Sheik has yet to accept, Markie Dee has promised to donate all of his proceeds raised to charity, and has started a website to promote the event.

In other news, the Fat Boys are planning to reunite to perform at Fat Boys Fest in May 2010, The event will support Markie Dee's Labor of Love Foundation and several other charities.

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