Taking a break from recording his fifth album 'Chapter 5,' 'I Invented Sex' singer Trey Songz hit New York City night spot Juliet Supperclub for a drink last week, and ended up in the middle of some girl-on-girl action.

TMZ reports that a group of female fans attempted to approach the crooner while he was drinking at Juliet Supper Club last Monday night (Aug. 15), offending his date, who had words with the girls, and ended up with a drink thrown in her face.

Though Juliet's security team immediately threw the offending females out, a fistfight between the women erupted outside the club. TMZ obtained footage, here, of the brawl, which Songz attempted to stop by jumping in the middle of the action.

The fight was finally broken up, and police were not required. Juliet owner Barry Mullineaux asserts that Songz is not to blame for the incident, and is invited back whenever he desires. Songz rep declined to comment regarding the altercation.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with The Source, Songz revealed that he would be interested in teaming up with longtime collaborator Drake on a 'Watch the Throne'-style album.

"When thinking along the lines of that, Drake is the first person that comes to mind that I am that musically comfortable with in that space," Songz explained. "He is a friend of mine as well, and I think we can pull something off ... that could sound very authentic."

Trey Songz' fifth album, 'Chapter 5,' will hit shelves in 2012.

Watch Trey Songz Perform 'Say Aah'

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