Fantasia Barrino was discharged from a North Carolina hospital on Thursday (Aug 12.) after three days of treatment for a medication overdose. The 26-year-old was rushed to the Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville hospital on Monday, after ingesting a potentially lethal amount of a sleeping aid and aspirin.

Fantasia's manager confirmed that her suicide attempt was triggered by the now public news that her boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, is a married man. Less than a week ago, her boyfriend's wife, Paula Cook, filed court papers claiming that she could produce a sex tape proving Barrino's affair with her husband. Fantasia was reportedly "overwhelmed by the lawsuit and media attention."

"I take it one step at a time because it can be overwhelming," Fantasia told The BoomBox about the stress and scrutiny of her personal life before her medication overdose. "And if I find that I'm getting to that point, I'll just clear house. I like to be by myself and just clear my mind and get my thoughts together because it can be a lot. You can lose yourself, so before I get to that point, I'll just ask everybody to leave and I'll chill by myself, get my thoughts together and when I know that I'm ready to come back out and deal with the world ... I'll come back out there."

Fantasia admitted that her VH1 reality show 'Fantasia for Real,' was an attempt to give friends, family and fans some answers to the constant questions swirling around her private life. "It's irritating when you have cameras always with you, but I wanted to do it because for three years, I've been off the scene and there's been so many questions: 'Where is she? Is she doing this? Is she married? Is she pregnant?" Fantasia explained. "Everybody wanted to know, so I felt like there would be no better way to do this than to let them hear it from my mouth and to let them see what's going on in my world."

"And most of all I really wanted my family to see themselves and see how hard it is for me. Just to look at how things are going and see how it's just unhealthy. I come from a very talented family -- my first cousins are K-Ci & JoJo -- everybody's talented and I just felt for so long that I had been standing in the way of their blessings by just giving, giving, giving. I did the show for so many reasons: for them, for my fans, just so people could see that it's hard out here. We as celebrities, we're still humans, we still go through things, we still have to pay bills, it's just so much and I wanted everybody to walk on that journey with me."

Season 2 of 'Fantasia for Real' is expected to premiere on Oct. 2. Following the overdose incident, executives at VH1 have considered revising the show's premiere episode.

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