The phrase "new year, new me" will make you nauseous within a week of the beginning of a new calendar year, but when we say that Fantasia Barrino fits that bill, rest assured it is nothing but the truth. The Grammy Award-winning vocalist is back with a vengeance with her new single, "No Time For It."

Produced by Brian Kennedy, the song is a mid-tempo number which sees the North Carolina native turning over a new leaf and leaving all of the negativity in the past.

"You wanna tell me how it is, but there's no time for it / You wanna tell me how you feel, but there's no time for it / Do ya thing, get ya change by the way, don't you think I'ma care, cause I'm not / Got my mind money and if it don't really matter I got no time for it," she sings.

Fantasia, known for her thunderous pipes, keeps her focus on herself and improving for the better. “I don’t care for gossip / What they gonna say, just got off the plane / I’m strictly focused on commas and dollar signs in my pockets,” she sings.

"No Time for It" is just the first move in a year during which Fantasia is gearing up to release her next album, which she describes as "Rock Soul."

“Rock Soul, it’s so much more than a single genre of music. It’s all music and those who love it,” she explains (quotes via Rap-Up). “Rock Soul has not come without great sacrifice, taking many risks, and believing it would be embraced and received by the world. So now it’s time to open the door to a new chapter of life, but yet still there are some things in life that I simply have ‘No Time for It.'”

Listen to Fantasia's Song "No Time For It"

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