At 19, Fantasia Barrino had it all: instant fame, an American Idol title, a record deal and was America's newest sweetheart. But all wasn't glitter and gold for the North Carolina native; she revealed that she was functionally illiterate in her 2005 memoir, was sued by her father, endured a very public and controversial relationship with Antwaun Cook allegedly while he was married, and suffered through a highly-publicized suicide attempt in 2010. Now Fantasia is musically detailing all the highs and lows of her life on her new album, The Definition Of...

The Definition Of..., Barrino's fifth studio album, is an eclectic mix of various musical genres--all melded to give fans the definition of Fantasia. From finding and losing love to the hardships that come with fame, the soul singer delivers a raw and uncut look into her personal life. While the project is comprised of 11 sonically different tracks, we've listened to, reviewed and broken down the top five songs from the album to give you insight into Fantasia's lyrical biography.

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    "When I Met You"

    Fantasia brings the definition of love to life with this jubilant ballad that is as a clear ode to her husband of one year, Kendall Taylor. "When I Met You" celebrates love; lyrically describing what it takes to get there.

    It's no secret that Fantasia hasn't always been a winner in love, but as the singer's vocals ring over smooth production, fans can hear the American Idol winner's detailed journey to happiness as she sings "When I met you, I met me too."

    But before Kendall entered the picture, another man had Fantasia's heart and didn't know how to treat it. She's had time to learn, heal from and process the mistakes of her past, however; and she openly tells her man there would be no him without her past. "Listen to me when I tell you/Without him there would be no you/So yes, I thank my ex a little still."

    Tasia closes the track with a monologue to Kendall detailing the day met, and let's him know that her eyes were closed until she saw him. #RelationshipGoals

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    "Sleeping With the One I Love"

    Fantasia experiences life on the wild side on this sultry ode to 60s soul. Without the video, this emotional track leads fans to believe this is another song dedicated to her husband, but she reveals that this man she's sleeping with is someone other than her man.

    "Sleeping With the One I Love" allows fans to absorb the singer's soulful lyrics; which detail what it's like to love hard and not get the same love in return. She acknowledges that she's cheating because, while her man is good to her, he "just ain't good enough."

    Can you relate?

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    Similar to the theme of TLC's 1999 single, "Unpretty," Fantasia's "Ugly" offers fans a departure from her signature sound. The country-esque pop ballad explores the ideas of beauty by breaking down society's perception of ugly.

    "With dirt on my hands and scrapes on my knees/Feeling like nothing can wash it off clean/Tell your girls it's a beautiful thing/Just trust me/It's far from ugly," Tasia sings, empowering women and young girls to define their own standard of beauty.

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    "Roller Coasters"

    "Roller Coasters" is also something totally different from anything fans have heard from Fantasia. With the help of Aloe Blacc, the near five-minute track opens with an allegoric theme.

    "Step right up, step right up, come one, come all/It's the ride of your life, it's the rise and the fall/There's nothing to fear but the fear in your mind/So go ahead and get in line," Blacc sings.

    Fantasia follows his lead, and analogizes the fear and anxiety of a roller coaster ride with the fear and turbulence she's experienced in the music industry. She details her "adventure" from the first verse.

    "I'll tell you a story/One 'bout a small town girl who brought home the glory/And felt like she could rule the world/But where was she that night/When she was feeling all the pain until the sunrise/Today is just another day/I don't see how these ups and downs/Keep me on the ground/All these roller coasters in my mind roll by/Lines around the block just for one ride."

    She's come a long way; this song signifies just how far she's come and how much farther she may have to go.

  • 5

    "I Made It"

    True to her signature sound, Fantasia offers up the uplifting "I Made It." Fantasia uses this rousing gospel track to bare it all: everything she's gone through from childhood to now.

    "So much pressure, so much heartache, so much pain/I've been broken into pieces maybe more," she sings in the first verse. "The enemy really tried to take me out ... but I'm still standing after all I've been through...and it's all because of you."

    The track is a testament to God's hand in her life, and while she may have been hesitant before, Fantasia's not afraid to share that story anymore. Before the track reaches a full minute, fans will want to stand to their feet and clap their hands as they revel in Tasia's joy.

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