A North Carolina judge has reportedly put an end to the speculation surrounding Fantasia Barrino's high-profile relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Antwaun Cook.

According to reports from RadarOnline, it was ruled that Antwaun Cook was legally separated from his former wife Paula Cook on Sept. 14, 2009, which disputes her claim that the two remained together until June of 2010. The judge's ruling gives a big break to Barrino, who attempted to commit suicide in August after being overwhelmed with the publicity surrounding her relationship with Cook. The former 'American Idol' star ingested a potentially lethal amount of aspirin and sleeping-aid, before she was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Paula Cook's original lawsuit accused Barrino of tearing her marriage apart, and she threatened to release a sex tape as proof of the affair. Fantasia and Antwaun Cook reportedly met during the second week of August 2009, a month before he sought legal separation from his wife.

Fantasia's struggle with the relationship was documented on her VH1 reality show 'Fantasia for Real,' where she opened up about her suicide attempt.

Watch Fantasia's 'I'm Doin' Me'
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