Former 'American Idol' star, Fantasia Barrino, was treated and released from a North Carolina hospital two weeks ago after ingesting a potentially lethal amount of aspirin and sleeping aid. In a new episode of VH1's 'Behind the Music,' which premieres on Tuesday night (Aug. 24), the 26-year-old singer admits that her overdose was intentional.

"I didn't have any fight in me. I didn't care about anything. I just wanted out," Fantasia says. "At that moment, I wanted out. I wanted it to be over with -- all of it, all of that s---."

Fantasia's suicide attempt was triggered by news that she was responsible for destroying the marriage of her alleged boyfriend, Antwaun Cook. Her boyfriend's wife, Paula Cook, made the allegations public when she filed court papers a week earlier, claiming that she could produce a sex tape as proof of the affair. "I just sat in the closet and looked at the mirror and took all the pills in the bottle," Fantasia says, according to People Magazine. "I wanted to go to sleep and just be at peace. I knew exactly what I was doing. You can't accidentally take whole bottles of pills."

Following Fantasia's attempted overdose, Cook's wife retracted her original allegations. In a new statement, her lawyer Nicole Sodoma explains that Fantasia was not responsible for tearing the marriage apart, despite her relationship with Antwaun Cook. "I was tired of people doing me wrong, constantly, over and over again, dealing with my family -- my father, dealing with mean and their s---," Fantasia says. "I was tired. My head was hurting me. I was over it."

Fantasia gave her first post-suicide performance at a recent birthday party for Charlotte Bobcats' player Tyrus Thomas. "I been in the house for a week so you know I'm bout to act ugly," Fantasia said to the crowd.

Catch Fantasia's 'Behind the Music' interview on VH1 at 9PM on August 24.

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