The hip-hop community has always loved a good old-fashioned bum rushing of a stage or venue and people's champion Wiz Khalifa got just that experience during a show over the weekend. Performing at the Boston Urban Music Festival, Khalifa came out to absolute pandemonium with the full Taylor Gang in tow. After ripping through his first verse of the set -- from the Rick Ross 'Super High' remix -- fans became so excited that they just absolutely had to get closer to the Pittsburgh rapper. Check the video:

A series of fans flocked onstage while Wiz quickly aborted his performance and gleefully ran backstage. After his zealous army realized that they had halted the performance and a few security guards puffed their chests out, Khalifa returned and finished his set with little incident.

Wiz has had a seemingly unstoppable hot streak during 2010 thus far. His 'Kush and Orange Juice' mixtape was a fan favorite and Internet sensation. After a recent award from MTV for Hottest Breakthrough MC, Khalifa signed a new major label record deal with Atlantic.

When asked about his rabid fanbase, Wiz knew he had something special on his hands a couple weeks ago.

"If I go to a show ... I'm just expecting it to be a couple hundred. Then they're like, 'It's sold out. There's people passed out in the street crying with their knees bleeding because they can't get in. I'm like, 'What?" Khalifa explained to MTV. "There's ambulances at every one of my shows before I get there. For what, I don't know."

Well, if you didn't know, now you do.