Joe Budden and Fabolous

Joe Budden is none too happy with his former mentor Fabolous. Fab, whose Twitter battles with 50, T-Pain and many more are well-documented -- recently started a trending topic by dissing Budden's new girlfriend, Somaya Reece, on Twitter.

To Fab's defense, the situation arose after Reece went after Fab and his ex, Tahiry. Fab quickly turned the tables tweeting, "Time 2 expose this second place chick Somaya Reece ... So she know not to throw people names out without knowing the consequences ... #Somayareeceis Tahiry but the sequel ... #Somayareeceis a stuntman 4 Joe Budden's real girlfriend."

Budden retailiated in a new episode of Joe Budden TV soap vlog. "I thought that whole s--- was really whack, really immature, really stupid," Budden said. "That s--- really made me look at n----s in a different light but it put me in a real awkward position," Budden continued. "Fab can make a whole bunch of jokes on Twitter and everybody will laugh and think it's funny, because he's just making jokes, and that's my man. The amount of loyalty and respect that I have for Fab is outta this world. I probably have more respect for him than anybody else in rap because he helped usher me into the game. But that was some sucker s--- ... I maybe feel like he went a little too far as far as some of them jokes went, some of them jokes really weren't funny to me."

While Budden was careful in his response not to say anything that could be construed as insulting about Fab, he placed the majority of the blame on the fans, claiming they hype up such events. "Fans are such f---ing d---riders, There's a lot of back story and no matter what I would say, it'd look like I'm defending a girl that I don't really know or it'd look like I'm getting really, really, personal because I don't know how to do anything else but be personal."

Fab has yet to respond to Budden's comments. We'll take Fab's tweets over Joe's video diaries any day of the week, but let's keep it online, fellas.

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