Eve has been trying to make a comeback for the past few months and despite the fact that her first attempt "She Bad Bad" didn't go over so well, she's returned with "Make It Out This Town."

The inspirational tune finds her paired with Cobra Starship lead singer Gabe Saporta, who handles the song's chorus duties.

The song is presumably aimed at Top 40 radio, not your favorite rap blog, but that's cool, because it's actually an okay tune.

The video traffics in themes that pertain to school bullying, the idea being -- kids, keep your head up high and you can overcome that crap. Ah, if only it was as easy as a rap video. But anyway that's a cool message that we support and you should too. Unless you're a bully.

Eve's new LP Lip Lock, is due out on May 14. Does this video get you excited about or are you longing for more of the 'pitbull in a skirt' type of music from Eve?

Watch Eve "Make It Out This Town" Feat. Gabe Saporta Video

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