"When I was a struggling songwriter ASCAP was a safe home for me."

In a small room in New York City, producers, singers, and songwriters made the intimate night feel like an exclusive soul session with Roberson playing the part of the soulful maestro. During a Q&A hosted by ASCAP’s SVP of membership, Nicole George-Middleton, Roberson spoke candidly about his career as an independent artist and his new EP Earth, which is a part of his trilogy Earth, Wind, and Fire.

“I have an album called Music Fan First, the entire album was written in the bathroom,” Roberson said when he was asked about his songwriting process. “Whether it was in the shower or brushing my teeth, every time I went in there I created a new song. I can become inspired anywhere.”

Roberson created, “The Process” to go along with his EP trilogy— this experience gives fans an inside look into the creation of all three EP's.

“We are in a time when people don’t read credits they don't even know who played on albums, so with 'The Process' we are showing fans how the songs are created, and we are being completely transparent,” Roberson explained. “The Wind album has 14 songs and the people in 'The Process' will select what six songs make the album.

He continued, "There was a level of ignorance needed to get to where I’m at. And you have to trust the process. I practice process over product.”

Roberson then shared his thought process when creating a new song with the producers and songwriters in the room.

"My goal as a producer is to make an artist go, ‘Oh My God!’ I remember when I heard Busta Rhymes ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,’ I had to pull the truck over it was so good," he remembered. "Music can do that to us if we allow it. Write the best songs you can, write songs that you love, and if you love it someone else will."

Roberson followed the Q&A with an acoustic performance alongside guitarist Ian Macaulay.
He performed his single “Million Dollars” and “Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines,” which are both featured on his new EP, Earth. Before he left, Roberson impressed the audience by creating an original song on the spot from five words that audience members randomly gave him. "Freefall," "Window," "The Process," "Molecular Deconstruction," and "Melania Trump" were the words—and he did not disappoint.

Listen to Roberson's single "Million Dollars" below.



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