Eric Bellinger is aiming to take the spotlight for himself. The singer-songwriter will release his new mixtape, 'Choose Up Season,' next month. The project is mostly a singular affair, but does feature Game.

The rapper, who worked with Bellinger on 'Or Nah,' is featured on 'Awkward.' This track isn't too dissimilar to 'Or Nah' in how it borrows a bit from New Jack era vibes. 'Awkward' has more of a summer, mid-tempo groove, though.

Game has been putting in work in the months leading up to the release of 'Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf.' He's recently dropped 'Bigger Than Me' -- which notably included a diss to the XXL Freshmen -- and has worked with a wide range of artists, from the young Bobby Shmurda to veterans like Jeezy. Those collaborations are on the album.

'Year of the Wolf' drops Oct.14, while 'Choose Up Season' premieres on Oct. 1.

Listen to Eric Bellinger's 'Awkward' Feat. Game