Emeli Sande isn't just known for her powerhouse vocals; she also delivers depth and honesty in her lyrics. Due to her songwriting talents, BBC Radio 1 had her open up about her songwriting process and share tips on how to write a great record.

Inspired by legendary singers and strong ballads, the Scottish singer reveals that she was just 7 when she wrote her first song called 'Tomorrow Repeats.' "I was really proud of it because I really studied the structure," Sande reveals. "Like OK, you have the verse then you have the part that connects the verse to the chorus. I was just really happy, and I showed my mom and dad."

She takes us through how she wrote songs like 'River,' 'Next to Me' and 'Clown,' off her debut LP, 'Our Version of Events.' The 27-year-old songstress shares what came first: the verse, the melody or the lyrics. And similar to what many artists say, each song's process is different. While the lyrics for 'Next to Me' didn't take too long to write, Sande explains that the "oh oh ohs" took some time to add in. "It was longer perfecting [the song] afterwards," she states.

While songwriting can get technical, the chanteuse reminds budding artists to keep going and hone their craft. "Stay brave, I think that's a big thing," Sande says. "Always be ready to go, and don't always think about the negative. It could go amazing. So you never know."

Learn more about songwriting by watching Emeli Sande in action above.

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