It seems like Nas has been in a good place between last year's 'Life Is Good' -- which showed contentment not only in its title, but its lyrics too -- and spending his 40th birthday with family, friends and Hennessy. We see more of this positive mindset in his uplifting verse on the remix to Rudimental's 'Free,' which also features Scottish singer Emeli Sandé.

Grand, gospel-style instrumentals like these haven't really been synonymous with Nas' raps throughout his career, but he fits in just well. His verse is similar to the mentality he had on 'Life Is Good,' except on a larger scale. Nas is more inspirational than reflective here.

"I'm free as I've ever been, no discount / No sale half off, I'm too intelligent," he raps. "Sometimes you think things are all bad until you free yourself, until you be yourself." Nas says this after he relates the story of a man who just came home from prison only to find out his girlfriend has moved on. He can't adapt to the outside world and "only in jail he feels free." The struggle isn't too far behind.

Nas previously said there are "no limits" for his next album, so this change up in production may be a sign of things to come.

'Free' is the opening track to Rudimental's 'Home,' the electronic quartet's debut album that dropped last Spring.

 Listen to Rudimental's 'Free' Remix Feat. Nas & Emeli Sandé

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