Earl Sweatshirt just quietly released a new song on Apple music, though it should be noted that "Pelicula" is actually an instrumental and is only 1-minute long.

The beat builds cinematically, plateauing smoothly toward the end of the clip into a head-bobbing rhythm. As for now, there's no word on where a full-length version of the song may show up, nor is there any artwork for the snippet.

The song follows Earl's last release, "Wind in My Sails" in January, though his last full-length project—I Don't Like Sh-t, I Don't Go Outside —was released back in March 2015. Separately, Earl recently shared his thoughts about fame and Black Lives Matter in an interview with A Country Called Earth. Specifically, he said he's learned to deal with fame because of insights from his mother.

“One is that, whether I like it or not, I am built for this," he said in the interview. "Another is that my ultimate job/purpose is to teach. I’m blessed to have a platform that allows me to speak to many at once. I recognize that I can make consciousness a tangible thing for young people.”

Earl's sneak release comes amid what is shaping up to be a busy August. Kanye West has already announced that he's dropping new music later today and Frank Ocean has everyone glued to what appeared to be a live video stream, heightening suspense that he's finally going to drop his much-anticipated album, Boys Don't Cry.

Listen to Earl Sweatshirt's "Pelicula" below.

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