Did you know that Earl Sweatshirt is a huge Drake fan? Neither did we, but the young Odd Future member made his fandom pretty clear in this new interview with MTV.

The hilarious clip starts with the 'Doris' rapper talking about how he's excited about Drizzy and his upcoming album, 'Nothing Was The Same,' because "that fool is on fire right now." And instead of talking about his music or anything remotely close to that, Sweatshirt begins to discuss the mental image he sees whenever he thinks of Drake. Of course, hilarity ensues.

"I think of him in some leather pants with some tight-ass shoes on with some sort of soft, uh, some sort of soft material shirt with like a funky color. Like not a regular color, you know what I'm sayin'? Maybe it has like three buttons and there's like a very thin raised ... doing some wild s--t. Only stuntin'! Every time I think about Drake, it's a stunt.

LOL. Sweatshirt then talks about meeting Drake and how it was a hectic scenario before adding, "F--k with me, Drake." Could this lead to a collaboration between the two? Here's hoping.

[via MTV]