In hip-hop, if there's anyone who could sit back and reflect on all of his accomplishments, it's E-40. The veteran rapper just dropped a video for his song "Somebody," off his release The D-Boy Diary.

Overall, the clip is simple but touching, as the legendary West Coaster walks around an empty auditorium, while old footage and videos play on the screen. In one of his verses, 40 recalls the time when he came to a major fork in his life and had to decide whether to sell drugs or sell music.

"Got a couple of kids to raise, so it's a Catch-23 / Should I get a job or go back to pushing the D? / Should I call my plug and ask him to front me a key? / Should I get my recommendation papers for trees?" he spits, dressed in Run-D.M.C. attire.

In addition, Ricco Barrino — who's the brother of singer Fantasia Barrino — does a stellar job of belting out the hook and making it sound ultra soulful. If you think about it, it's actually surprising that we haven't heard more from him.

You can check out E-40's "Somebody" video above and listen his album The D-Boy Diary here.

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