Bay Area veterans E-40 and B-Legit are prepping to drop their anticipated joint album Connected and Respected, and they've just shared the track-listing for the project.

The album stands at 19-tracks and features Uncle Murda, P-Lo, Rexx Life Raj, The Click, Stremsmatic and more. The project is led by their previously released single, "Boy," which employs a signature Bay beat, as P-LO handles the hook.

No doubt, 40 is one of the most influential rappers in hip-hop, whether folks acknowledge his impact or not. And it goes well beyond slang-- though a lot of the words he helped coin or at least introduce "player hater," "broccoli" "fa shizzle," and the list goes on-- remain cultural staples to this day.

40's impact can be traced back to the late 80s, with his introduction of Sick Wid It Records, which was a major influence on Master P and later Baby and Cash Money, in terms of setting a blueprint for independent rap labels.

"Sick Wid It Records brought so much to hip-hop man, people just don’t even understand. You got to listen to my 28-album discography to understand," he told Pigeon & Planes last year. "You got to go back and do your homework, which people are lazy and don’t want to do. They want to give it to the most recent motherfucker because they don’t like doing their history. You have to look into it, you can’t just go back five years. If you want to be a guy that’s genuine about being a hip-hop artist, you’ve got to do your homework, read up on your history too, you feel me? Well I advise you to, if you really want to be in the history books you got to read up on the history of hip-hop."

Take a look at E-40 & B-Legit's latest video below. Connected and Respected drops on April 6.

E-40 and B-Legit's Connected and Respected Album Tracklist

1. "Life Lessons" featuring Stresmatic
2. "Straight Like That" featuring Ocky
3. "Boy" featuring P-Lo
4. "Guilty by Association"
5. "Carpal Tunnel"
6. "Stompdown (Skit 1)"
7. "Meet The Dealers" featuring Stresmatic
8. "Get It on My Own" featuring Ocky
9. "Up Against It"
10. "Fo Sho" featuring JT the 4th
11. "Whooped" featuring DecadeZ
12. "Tap In" featuring Uncle Murda
13. "You ah Lie" featuring 4rAx
14. "Need to Know" featuring Rexx Life Raj
15. "Stompdown (Skit 2)"
16. "Bare"
17. "Barbershop" featuring Stresmatic
18. "Blame It" featuring The Click
19. "So High" featuring ProHoeZak


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