E-40 and Too Short, two legends of Bay Area hip-hop, are finally joining forces for their first collaborative record. The album builds on numerous tracks that the two have bodied together throughout the years but marks the first time that fans will hear an entire body of work featuring both rappers in tandem. According to Too Short, that was actually the design of both rappers' heyday label Jive Records.

"For years and years me and E-40 have been friends -- before we both signed to Jive, during the entire time we both signed to Jive, and we still remain friends to this day," explained Short in a recent interview. "While we were on Jive, we always wanted to make an album together. We figured we're on the same label, lets take it to the label and say, 'Hey, do an E-40/Too Short album.' But that's not what they wanted. To this day, we still don't know why they didn't want us to collaborate, because if we made an album seven or eight years ago, it probably would have been probably much more significant than it would be now."

For Short, the album would be making good on a longtime goal and proving yet again that age doesn't matter for distinctive, iconic rappers.

"Part of what my legacy is right now is to tear down that stereotype that hip-hop has an age limit," Short said. "I'm doing it to the fullest right along with my man E-40 and a couple other OGs out there [like] Ice Cube."

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