When it comes to Drake's fourth studio album Views, it surely sold a heck of a lot, but it also received some horrible reviews, the worst in Drizzy's career, in fact.

Evidently, the Grammy nominating committee feels differently about the release, because they gave Views an Album of the Year nod, to many music fans' dissatisfaction.

"Sorry, I love Drake, but how has Views made it anywhere near any Album of the Year lists, let alone a Grammy nomination," one person wrote. "It's so bad."

"Views isn't even Drake's best album," someone else tweeted. "He still ain't topped Take Care. Who ya'll think you foolin'?"

Of course, you had those ardent Drizzy supporters who said Views was a strong album based on the sales alone, but others quickly challenged that reasoning.

"Going 4x platinum doesn't prove that Drake dropped a good album," wrote Twitter user Jiggy Hendrix. "It proves ya'll will eat up literally anything he puts out."

Surely, this debate will continue until the 2017 Grammy airs, which is on Feb. 12, 2017. For now, you can read some of the other Twitter reactions about Drake and Views below.

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