Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, is coming out with an R&B album and he already has his first single, "Kinda Crazy."

In the video, released on TMZ, Graham rocks his son's symbol -- the OVO owl -- around his neck as he performs the classic R&B song. The song, which gives an 80s vibe, is also a collaboration with Jamie Iovine, son of Jimmy Iovine. According to TMZ, the track is not quite finished but music fans can expect to hear the full version as early as next month.

The 60-year-old has become somewhat of a legend himself over the years through the infamous stories told by Drake. Graham also pursued his own music career in the past and even served as a drummer for Jerry lee Lewis. He also recently starred in a video, "Drake's Dad" by rock group Arkells.

Now, it seems that his dreams of being a R&B star might be recognized. The new track will appear on his album of the same name, Kinda Crazy.

No word yet on whether or not the two will collaborate on a song or not although we're sure Graham will hit up his multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated artist known as his son for tips to success.

In an interview with XXL, Drake relayed his Dad's stardom.

"My dad is a star," said Drake in 2013. “That’s what you have to understand. I can call my dad right now and be like, ‘Yo, dad, I need you to fly to shoot.’ He’s always down. I’m living my dad’s dream. My dad wanted to be a famous singer. I have my dad on another bonus record on the album called ‘Heat Of The Moment.’ It’s a real relationship. Not to be ironic, we go through the motions of a father-son relationship. Right now, he happens to be extremely stable and content, and I take care of what I can for him. All he wants to do is go to Beale Street in Memphis and play music. He’s rediscovered his passion for music and for being a musician."

Peep a clip of his new song above.

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