Expect the unexpected from Drake. As we eagerly await the release of 'Nothing Was The Same' Drake delivers the counterintuitively clever 'Wu-Tang Forever.'

When we first heard that Drake was doing a song titled 'Wu-Tang Forever' we thought it was a joke. Then Drizzy dropped the official tracklist for 'Nothing Was The Same' and then we found out he wasn't kidding. With a title like 'Wu-Tang Forever' you'd expect a little grime and grit reminiscent of the Clansmen who took us through the 36 Chambers but nah, that's not how Drizzy does what he does.

Instead we get Drake crooning about women that tell him "it's yours" when he hits it and raps about his unexpected rap game dominance -- which, of course parallels the way the Wu burst on to the scene in the early '90s. Instead of an anthemic NY-style banger of a beat we get a somber piano loop backed by percussion with just enough bounce for him to sing on and talk some slick s--t in rap form. Odd upon first listen and pretty f--kin' genius upon second listen it's safe to say that nothing's been the same since Aubrey Graham entered the game. OVO Forever?

Listen to the deceptively-titled 'Wu-Tang Forever' below.