Drake took some time to discuss his "relationship" with Rihanna. "It really wasn't meant to be some 'pity me.' It was one of the most beautiful things I've experienced in a long time. It's so rare that I feel nervous and small due to a woman's presence. And I will tell you that, Rihanna had me so overwhelmed at the time that we met and throughout the duration of our friendship, or whatever it was that we had, that she gave me an emotion I truly miss in my life. On the album I wanted to pay homage to her for giving me that emotion." Yo Drake, chill. [RickeySmiley]

As evinced by his role in the new comedy 'Get Him to the Greek,' Diddy's a pretty funny guy. Up-and-coming producer Alex Da Kid described some of Dids' recording quirks. "Let's put it this way, he would just tell me random things," Alex said. "[He was] like, 'I want the beat that makes me feel blue'...as in the color. [Diddy] said to me, 'I want a beat that makes me feel like a white man in a basement in Atlanta'...Diddy's hilarious." [RapUp]