An old Drake notebook that contains lyrics, handwritten notes and  even ancient credit card numbers is on sale for $54K, TMZ reports.

The notebook was found by a member of a clean-up crew in Drake's grandfather's Toronto furniture factory. It was almost thrown out but some enterprising individual decided not to toss it, and low and behold, it was a notebook from Drake's Degrassi days. It's now selling on for $54K.

Apparently, the notebook also contains a few old Drake raps. There's one with young Drizzy seemed to be paying homage to Biggie, called "10 Mack Commandments." There are also "Aubrey Graham" signatures from where he was apparently practicing for his autographing days.

Drake recently made headlines helping out residents of Miami in his "God's Plan" video, where he gave away nearly $1million in a variety of ways—from scholarships, to buying groceries for unsuspecting shoppers, to donating $50,000 to a women's and kid's homeless shelter.

He called the "God's Plan" video the best things he's ever done and says he plans to "keep helping people." Since launching the "God's Plan" Challenge, folks have been doing good deeds for other people and recording it for posterity.


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